Auto Mechanic Training Schools & Courses

Auto Mechanics Career Outlook

It doesn’t look like automobiles are going away anytime soon, so the outlook for a career in auto mechanics looks quite good. There’s another concern people have these days – its outsourcing. There should be no worries about outsourcing when it comes to the auto repair business.

Auto Mechanic Schools

Automotive TechnicianThe demand for well trained auto mechanics has raised the educational requirements employers look for. There are two types of schools available for basic auto mechanic training, they are – colleges and trade schools.

College: Community colleges is one place you’ll find courses for basic auto mechanic training. You will get a diploma upon graduation and the credits are generally transferable.

Trade School: Trade schools are more concentrated for a specific subject. This means you can graduate much faster; of course this depends on your schedule.

Auto Mechanic Schools By State

Alabama Alaska
Arizona Arkansas
California Colorado
Connecticut Delaware
Florida Georgia
Hawaii Idaho
Illinois Indiana
Iowa Kansas
Kentucky Louisiana
Maine Maryland
Massachusetts Michigan
Minnesota Mississippi
Missouri Montana
Nebraska Nevada
New Hampshire New Jersey
New Mexico New York
North Carolina North Dakota
Ohio Oklahoma
Oregon Pennsylvania
Rhode Island South Carolina
South Dakota Tennessee
Texas Utah
Vermont Virginia
Washington West Virginia
Wisconsin Wyoming

Auto Mechanic Courses

The basic course will include the following classes:

1. Engine Repair
2. Transmissions
3. Cooling Systems
4. Brake Systems
5. Exhaust Systems
6. Electrical Diagnostics

As cars become more complex, the basic requirements can change. It would be advisable to find a school that keeps updated with these changes and offers discounts for graduates who need future training.

The basic training course will help you get your foot in the door for most auto repair shops, but you may want more. This is the reason you want to make sure the school you choose either offers these specialty courses, or they are accredited so your earned credits can be transferred to a four year college.

Auto Mechanic Responsibilities

Besides doing the actual repairs to a car, an auto mechanic has to communicate effectively with the service writer and other internal departments. The service writer is the front line with the customer, but they depend heavily on the mechanics notes and repair manifesto for completion of the job. This is why good written and verbal communication is included with the mechanical job requirements.

Starting Pay

The starting pay of an apprentice is approximately $18.00 an hour. Experienced auto mechanics wages can range anywhere from $30.00 – $40.00 and hour.

Projected Demand: The Bureau of labor and Statistics projects an increase of 17 percent percent for jobs in this field. This is through the year 2020.

Career Outlook

As you can see, the demand for auto mechanics is quite high. Wages are above average and job stability is very good. Dealers and other auto repair shops are demanding new hires have a formal education. The “on the job” training methods of the past are now incorporated in apprentice programs. Since the systems in cars have become more complex, the training required is also more intense, and employers just don’t have the resources to do in-house training.

All the projections indicate that auto mechanics have a bright future. Unless there is a drastic change in our means of transportation, these projections should hold true.

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