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Constructions is a high demand job and one that is fulfilling for those who enjoy working with their hands and as a part of a larger team. A construction laborer’s job varies greatly, from prepping a site for work to bringing down entire buildings. The job includes cleaning, digging, tearing down structures, and executing higher orders. Never short of variety, working in constructions is a job that those who specialize in look forward to daily.

While many construction jobs do not require any formal degrees, a high school diploma is usually needed. Similar to an apprenticeship, most of the construction training is acquired while on the job, starting with basic work. For the operation of certain machinery, like cranes, a license needs to be obtained. As more skills are learned, new opportunities arise for higher-paying work in the same field.

A career in constructions has many different settings. More often than not, the job will take the laborer to different sites. These places can be the site of a new building, bridge, or freeway. Although the sites change, the work environment is the same. Construction workers have to heed to the rules set to ensure their safety because they work around hazardous materials. The risks of injury are higher than most jobs, but following safety procedures can prevent such occurrences from taking place.

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Career Outlook

Constructions is a promising job, one that has a very good career outlook. The projected rate of general construction laborers from 2010 to 2020 is roughly 21%, while the projection for construction trade workers is 40%. Construction jobs will always be in demand to keep up with new buildings and infrastructures, as well as to maintain the ones already in place.
The starting pay relies heavily on where one works and what branch of construction it is. For states with larger populations, such as California or New York, the pay is higher than those with smaller ones. On average, construction workers in a specific trade tend to make more ($38,000) than general construction laborers ($29,000). Although there is a gap between those with general skills and those with specific skills, the opportunity to learn a trade on the job is quite attainable*.

*According to the BLS,

Working in constructions is well-suited for those who enjoy manual labor. The job has a variety of tasks, so there is always something new or different to look forward to doing. The starting pay is good, and it only increases as more skills are acquired to move onto more arduous work. With a very good job outlook and projected growth, a career in the field of constructions is one that many should explore.

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