Education’s role today – why is it changing?

Education today is very different than in past generation. The problem – or simply topic – is not related to a particular culture in the world, but seems to be spread more or less the same size everywhere.

In particular, higher education’s role is what changes more frequently. In fact, today schools are trying to form a future type of citizens on the basis of the features the world will require and have in the next decades.

Yesterday vs. today: Less culture, more techniques

This means, in short, to reduce the formation in cultural and humanistic subjects – literature, art, history, philosophy – and in the same time to promote technical school subjects such as mechanics, physics, electronics and technical drawing.

The trend is towards a more relevancy to technical activities and a worrying decreasing interest towards humanistic sciences.

This opens the debate about how the job market is going to change in order to match the education new generations will receive during their schooling careers.      Nelson Mandela's quote on education

Education and job market

Since education is the first step for anyone, the second step is represented by work. Now, if the education’s role is changing so massively, we should also expect as big changes in the job market.

And actually, we could already see how a few changes already happened. In fact, today most companies search for new technicians to hire, they do not have concern to hire people who know every Shakespearean sonnet. Similarly, it’s techniques what makes your resume interesting to a recruiters’ eyes.

All the rest, is becoming merely something like “hobby”.

Companies look for skilled and licensed technicians such as locksmiths to hire because this is what the job market actually requires.

Commercial strategies

So, the education’s changes respond basically to commercial strategies from the national and international economy. When you think of a locksmith, you probably don’t know that all locksmiths need to own a license in order to join larger nationwide companies like Locksmith-Search.

Locksmiths today are among the most specialized technicians you might find in the world. They can suggest you when it’s the case of relocking a key or rekeying a lock, as you can see here  , which  is something most people tend to believe as one only service.

Lock change is not lock rekey

Actually, a lock change service is not a lock rekey service. Even though these 2 services are the most common and well known residential locksmith services, most people can’t see the difference.

Lock change: this service consists in the installation of a brand new lock and it’s very helpful in case you want to upgrade your home security level.

Lock rekey: if you lose your key but your lock is still working, then you can get a lock rekey service. The locksmith technician will simply change the code inside the lock and provide you a new key.

More residential services include duplication of keys: all types of keys, ranging from house / office keys to car and other vehicle keys.

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