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A career in marketing is for those who are creative, for those who love a challenge, for those who enjoy working with people. Marketing managers work closely with clients on a daily basis while those who work for a marketing manager will present ways to advertise and sell a specific product. This person may be asked to develop a budget for an advertising campaign, he or she will complete market research, they will be involved in the sale of a product. What type of qualifications does this person have to have? With a marketing degree and marketing training while in college, the marketing career outlook is a positive one.

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Marketing Degrees

With either a bachelors or masters degree in marketing or business administration, a career awaits you, although the competition is stiff. This is why it is so important to attend a college that offers a marketing training program or internship. With education and training, the chances of obtaining a position in the marketing field improves. Certification is not required, although an employer is more likely to hire someone who has a certificate that shows they have both education and experience.

Career Growth

The marketing career outlook is good. Marketing personnel are in high demand, especially for those with a degree and experience. Those who have a background in sales, business management, finance, statistics or computer technology have a greater chance of finding employment.

Career Opportunities

Entry level positions include market research assistants, management trainees, print buyers and advertising agents. Those with management skills, especially in the computer industry, may enjoy starting at a higher pay level, while those in entry level positions earn less.

Marketing Salaries

Salaries for those in entry level positions begin in the low 40’s, although it depends on the size and location of the company they work for. Marketing managers may earn up to $100,000 a year. With the right combination of education and prior work experience, a recent college graduate may start out at a higher level of pay.

Marketing Career Qualifications

Those with a career in marketing may work long hours. This person may work weekends, they may work evenings. A career in marketing is challenging; this person will enjoy their work because it includes being creative, generating new ideas, conducting market research, presenting new ideas both verbally and with slide show presentations. A career in marketing is never boring. This person should obtain organizational skills, budgeting, consumer research and be able to employ a variety of methods to advertise a specific product. They must know how to promote and sell a brand product.

Marketing training programs for those who obtain a marketing degree will open doors for career opportunities. The career outlook is stiff and competitive, although those with a marketing degree and the right qualifications may enjoy a career that is both enjoyable and challenging.

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