Massage Therapy Schools & Courses

The world of holistic medicine has changed. Modern medicine has found value in a number of older techniques, and has been using those techniques to help its patients. There is also some value in patients just relaxing, which helps patients either heal faster or avoid the problem altogether. Massage therapy has thus found favor with hospitals, some of which make massage available as part of its physical therapy.

Education and Training

Education can take months or years depending on the level of expertise required. Training has a short theoretical side; knowing the history of massage helps, especially when it comes to researching particular matters as well as a general understanding of the human body. The majority of training is hands on, with the teacher showing the best areas to work through certain problems. Although practitioners can reach the doctorate level, most stop at the certificate level, which is the minimum level for work. Others supplement this education with a business education, especially if they are interested in pursuing ther own business.

Massage Therapy Schools By State

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Working Conditions

Most massage parlors are clean places, as a clean location helps the patient relax, something that is necessary for the massage to work. There is rarely anything truly clinical about the location as the masseuse prefers to work in an environment that fosters relaxation. Although the location will meet health inspections, it will at least appear to be a homey place with easy access to anything the masseuse needs and provides privacy for the person on the bed. Even the reference to patients as “clients” is a telling.

Other Job Opportunities

Although there is little room for promotion as a masseuse outside of possible management positions there is the possibility of owning his own business, especially for those with business management training. Massage therapy is a great career, and one that even helps the masseuse to relax. This is the career for those that want a medical career but one allows the person to operate on their own.

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