Medical Assisting Schools & Courses

Some important qualities for a medical assistant are empathy, flexibility, and good communication skills. Many times the medical assistant is dealing with patients when they are very vulnerable and therefore they must show empathy towards the patient. Flexibility is extremely important because in the healthcare field each day is different and may not go according to schedule. The Medical Assistant must be flexible enough to keep the facility running smoothly with a positive attitude. Good communication skills are extremely important in this occupation because it is important for the Medical Assistant to find out as much information from the patient to make the doctor’s job easier.

Salary and Job Outlook

Working as a Medical Assistant in the healthcare field you can expect to make a yearly salary of around $28,860.00 or approximately $13.87 per hour as a graduate. According to the Department of Labor there are 527,600 jobs for this particular position. This field will continue to grow each year at 31% during the years 2010-2020. If you plan on investing in this type of education you should not have any issues finding employment as a result of the positive predictions of employment in this field. The employment opportunities for a Medical Assistant are growing much faster than the average occupation.

Medical Assisting Schools By State

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Job Description

Tasks for a Medical Assistant include medical and administrative tasks in a healthcare setting. Healthcare settings include hospitals, clinics, and private practices. Tasks include but are not limited to scheduling appointments, updating financial records, interviewing patients, recording patient’s medical history, recording patient’s vital signs, and collecting blood. It is very important to keep in mind that the tasks are dependent on the type of healthcare facility the medical assistant is employed at.

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