Photography Schools & Courses

Photographers work in many different industries, from entertainment and sports, to portrait and fine art. There are opportunities for photography training in the many specialty areas photographers work in. Depending on the industry, there are plenty of job opportunities for talented photographers.

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Education and Training

Photographers will generally have at least a two year degree. There are more extensive four year degrees and specialized photography degrees. Most photography programs will train students in the different styles of photography. This includes traditional film, digital images, and editing. Many photographers will choose to have other specialized training for the specific type of photography they choose to pursue. For example, a food photographer may be able to take a course on food styling, depending on the campus they attend. There are also online programs, which are a great option for those looking to specialize in digital photography. Most online courses only cover digital photography and editing, due to the hands-on nature of traditional film photography. However, most degree programs require photographers to take an internship for on-the-job training. This also gives new photographers a chance to work on a portfolio, which will be important once they begin looking for work.

Salary Information

Photographers have the potential to make a lot of money. However, because of the vastly different positions that photographers can have, salaries are varied. Photographers make a median salary of around $29,000 a year. That comes out to be around $14.00 an hour. This is partially because there are many entry-level photography jobs.

Work Conditions

The working conditions for photographers depend on the field they work in. Some photographers travel to different destinations for work. Others have a studio to work in. For most photographers, it is a mix of both travel and studio shoots. Photographers also tend to work in offices where they can meet with clients and edit their work. Others may work in large studios, such as department store studios, and are not required to do any photo editing.

Job Opportunities

There are many opportunities for employment as a photographer. One of the most popular opportunities is to work as a portrait photographer in large studios. These photographers are generally entry-level and work in a studio. These studios are located in different store-fronts and are sometimes a part of larger stores, such as department stores.

Another popular photography position is within the journalism field. Many photographers work with magazines, websites and newspapers. This position typically requires a lot of traveling to different shoot locations.

Other positions include freelance and self employed photographers. These photographers work with clients for any type of job they wish to take. These positions take time to work up to. Even with a degree, a photographer may need extra experience in order to work at this level.

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