Plumbing Schools & Courses

Plumbing Courses

Choosing a career in the plumbing field can be rewarding. If someone is interested in becoming a plumber, there are several ways to do it. There are many technical and junior colleges that offer classes in plumbing. Much of the plumbing training offered will include classwork and hands-on training. You will learn the basic plumbing tools used daily on the job and how to use them. you will also learn many of the fittings and mechanical couplings used in the trade.

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Plumbing Training

Most training includes hands-on training where you will get to perform small projects that teach you basic plumbing procedures and layout. You will learn how to solder copper pipes with a torch. Soldering is a required skill of any good plumber. Sometimes plumbing companies hire inexperienced individuals that possess a good mechanical aptitude and maturity. If you have been to technical or trade school and received a diploma in plumbing, your chances of getting hired is much better. They will hire you as a plumbers helper until you gain more experience and can prove your abilities.

Career Outlook

There are several different type of plumbing jobs in the field. There is service work, where you work at a customers home or business. This generally includes repairing various plumbing fixtures like commodes, dripping faucets, replacing sinks and different fixtures. Then there is the construction plumber who is responsible for installing new water piping, sewer and drain piping from the ground up. In this particular field, plumbers may perform either residential or commercial plumbing installations. Some very experienced plumbers can perform any or all of these jobs. Most likely you will be assigned to one particular job or another.

Plumbing can be physically demanding and often dirty work. But the job is constantly challenging and rewarding because no two jobs are alike. You certainly won’t be bored in a mundane and repetitive job. In the last few years there has been a shortage of skilled tradesmen. That trend seems to be steadily increasing. Job opportunities for plumbers have always, and continue to be in demand.

Plumbing Salary

According to the U.S.Government Bureau of Labor Statistics, job opportunities and career outlook for the next ten years show a 26% increase over other fields. Median pay for experienced plumbers is $46,600.00 annually. A plumbing career is a rewarding and challenging field. Often, you will be working outdoors, sometimes in cold and adverse conditions. But when the weather is warm, most plumbers prefer it to being inside a factory all day. Generally, good, experienced plumbers are in short supply in many areas. As an experienced plumber, you will never have any problem locating a job. As your knowledge and experience increases, there will be many opportunities for advancement. As long as there are water and bathrooms, there will always be a demand for plumbers.

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