Prospects for Employees Are Bright

The nature of employment both within itself and as an option for a person's lifestyle has changed radically under the influence the Internet. It is not so much the so-called Information Superhighway itself that can be credited, although its vast free tools do deserve respect; it is the cultural changes that make employment appear differently today than it did just a decade ago.


Work like an Owner

The interesting twist for those looking at entering an employment arrangement is that many of the best jobs have atmospheres in which individualism is promoted alongside team goals. It seems that the Web itself could explain the newer expectations of workers at every level, but especially the top tier and creative positions.

We have all seen the hype since the Internet boom in the early nineties about tech companies like social networks, Yahoo and Google that competed at 'brain suck' by offering overly generous benefits and playful workplaces. Team members are treated like geniuses, any of whom may be hit by a revolutionary idea at any moment — this is the new scene of expectations.

Employees may become so empowered under these conditions, actually getting trained by their jobs to think outside the box. If we have a society with strong employment options, whilst encouraging the individual development of employees even if they leave to start their own companies — then the simple math will show that society can gain in at least two ways.

One, more high quality positions will be available to those entering the workforce on a rolling basis, and two, the performance and creativity of people could be appreciated irrespective of their employers.


Creativity and Playfulness

Employees must walk a fine line between loyalty to their employers and always being on the lookout for opportunities to do more than their job roles permit — on principle. This could be a very productive and uplifting social attitude towards employment in the coming decades.

Strangely perhaps, in this day and age competition for good positions is robust and yet the playing field for a society leveled by the capabilities available to all online is less restrictive upon people inventing themselves from scratch.

The competition for jobs, in other words, is quite strong because everyone has such a good opportunity to excel and we all know it. Both CEOs and janitors can play at classy online casinos in their spare time, against the same odds — these leveled odds of success is a nice metaphor for the job markets henceforth, as well.

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