Tips On Reducing Computer And Cell Phone Time For Teens

The young generation is growing up in an environment that is overly-saturated by the media; and despite of the fact that your children might have similar school, friendship, and peer pressure concerns like the ones you have experienced when you were their age, their being surrounded by computers, smartphones, and video games makes them focus less on meaningful activities and get lost in the high-tech craze. As apparent, it is your responsibility to make sure your child is actively involved in his school work and home chores, and that these distractions are not preventing them from growing up into normally active adults way.  


How Much Time To Kids Spend Plugged Into Media?

According to a study completed by the Kaiser Family Foundation, close to 7 hours and 40 minutes a day; that’s 1 hour and 17 minutes more computer/phone time as compared to numbers dating back from 5 years ago. Which are the effects of such prolonged exposure? Firstly, teens tend to become a lot more inactive from a physical standpoint. And physical inactivity is also the root cause for many chronic diseases, weight problems included. Being physically active is critically important for kids who suffer or not from weight problems, a it keeps their brain better oxygenated, and boosts the rest of their body functions, while giving them better moods and higher self-esteem levels. Teens who are at least 18 and who spend their time engaged in casino online gambling using their parents’ credit cards can end up suffering from gambling addiction issues.


Places like VegasWinner online are more suited for parents who are looking for an escape from their daily tasks – as they provide them with a wide array of relaxing casino games from the comfort of their own home. Nevertheless, such games, even if they are played in fun, practice mode by minors need to be limited. The same goes for video games – not only do they consume a lot of time, but most of them feature such high degrees of violence that they can affect your children psychologically.


Simple And Efficient Solutions

As a parent, start by monitoring your own screen habits as you are your child’s main role model. Stop texting while driving or spending many hours in front of the TV/computer when home. Set screen-time rules indie the house that everyone needs to respect and motivate youngsters to go out and exercise. Playing a team sport or swimming are good options. Motivate your child to move more with the help of videos you can find online or even video games and work together on creating their screen rules.

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